6th Jun 2022
6 min read

Introducing Ardent - A Love of Building, A Passion for Decentralization

GM Frens! Today we are proud to announce the formation of Ardent Blockchain Development, LLC, a new software development studio focused on building consumer products for the web3 revolution. With a team comprised of established industry veterans, we expect to hit the ground running and have some exciting things in store for the future!

Let’s talk about why we believe the time is right for Ardent, who we are, some of our goals as a studio, and what we are building.

Why Ardent?

Blockchain technology has changed massively since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 and even more rapidly since the launch of Ethereum in 2015. There are currently dozens of available layer 1 protocols with amazing capabilities and the power to run the decentralized economy. For far too long the industry has been focused on layer 1 and competing to be the foundation of the web3 revolution.

With the upcoming release of Ethereum 2.0, the rise of Polygon as a major player, and the additional competition from more niche networks like Solana, Avalanche, EOS, ARK, and Polkadot, we believe that those foundations are now set in stone and it is time for the industry to consolidate around the winners. As builders, we need to stop re-inventing the wheel and instead focus our attention on the application layer and building new experiences and utility for the existing infrastructure.

If we want to onboard new users to web3, we need to bring the utility they want in a way that is accessible to all.

That is why we created Ardent.

Who Are We?

Ardent is founded by industry veterans with years of experience building layer 1 blockchain technology and a surrounding suite of tools at ARK . Our team has wide-ranging experience in JS/TS Development, UI/UX Design, Web3 technologies, Smart Contracts, and all of the components necessary to build cutting-edge web3 applications. We also have a large Rolodex of frens in the industry that we believe can help us make an impact.

First and foremost, we want to ensure our long-time supporters and followers that we love ARK and will continue to build and support a range of ARK products for the ARK Network. On a greater scale, we believe that the future is multi-chain and we have an ambitious vision that expands to include additional partners and a larger ecosystem, starting with Polygon.

Our Goals

User experience and quality front-end designs have been a pain in the ass for the sector for a long time. Web3 has amazing potential but in many cases, it can be extremely complex and put technical accomplishment ahead of overall user satisfaction.

We want to fix that.

Our primary goal as a studio is to carry forward our background in creating simple, intuitive interfaces with a major focus on user experience and use that knowledge and expertise to create a new and innovative utility that helps grow and expand the reach of web3 technologies. By doing this, we believe we can introduce blockchain technology to new audiences in a way that makes it easier to understand while also bringing a little bit more fun to the table.

Building for ARK

ARK has a special place in our hearts and that isn’t going to change. For many on our team, it has been a labor of love to work on the ARK blockchain Platform and we want to do everything we can to continue that passion by building high-quality products with our customary focus on design.

We are proud to announce that as of today, we are officially taking over responsibility and primary development of three major ARK products and giving them a much-needed face-lift to help cement their place in the ARK Ecosystem.

Say Hello to ARKVault

Ardent will be taking over responsibility for the development and maintenance of Payvo, effective today. As our first order of business, we have officially re-branded Payvo to ARKVault and given it a new coat of paint. We are also excited to announce that ARKVault now supports PWA. PWA will allow users to install the ARKVault web app onto their preferred devices much like a native application while keeping the new and improved interface and user experience.

We believe ARKVault is hands down the best wallet for managing your ARK and we are excited to be able to continue to support and develop it into the future.


Available Now

Introducing ARKScan

The team at Ardent will also be taking over responsibility for the development and maintenance of the ARK Explorer. To bring it in line with our vision for our ARK Products, the ARK Explorer has also been re-branded to ARKScan and has received a few visual tweaks accordingly.

The new ARKScan will maintain all of the features you know and love from the ARK Explorer and will be developed and maintained by our team moving forward.


  • ARKScan is made available under the MIT license.

Available Now

Unveiling ARKLauncher (Beta)

One of the most anticipated products in the pipeline at ARK has been the new and redesigned Deployer. We are excited to announce that we are officially taking over responsibility for Deployer! We are releasing the completed version of Deployer 2.0 under the new name ARKLauncher and the Beta release is available for testing today!

ARKLauncher allows anyone to create a completely custom, stand-alone blockchain, powered by the ARK Core Framework. With ARKLauncher you can customize over 35 fields, create thousands of combinations, and find the one that is perfect for your application.

We could not be more excited about the release of ARKLauncher and to finally get it out into the world. We look forward to hearing your feedback as we go through the beta process together!


Available Now

What Comes Next?

We have a lot in store for the future. We will be laser-focused on the ARKLauncher Beta to ensure we can quickly deal with any bugs and feedback we get now that the final product is being made available. We also have an entirely new product and a few other updates in the works that we aren’t quite ready to show off just yet.

As we shift our focus to building products as opposed to infrastructure, we want to hear your feedback on what you want to see next. Stay tuned to our socials to stay up to date and get all of the exciting details as they happen and as always, we love you all. Thank you for your support over the years. We can’t wait to take this next step together!


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