1st Feb 2023
5 min read

Development Network Migration Testing

With the recent announcement that future development efforts at the ARK, SCIC will focus on the Polygon Ecosystem, the team at Ardent was tasked with ensuring that the migration process would be as easy as possible for users. We have been hard at work preparing the necessary updates for both ARKVault and ARKScan and we would like to share those with you today as well as how to get started with testing the Migration on the ARK Development Network.

Migration Testing Quick Access Links


This blog post will cover the general changes and additions that we have been working on in preparation for the migration.

We invite everyone to try out the migration process during our upcoming test phase on the ARK Devnet. If you don’t hold any Development ARK Tokens (DARK), feel free to use the DARK Faucet to request some.

A step-by-step Migration Guide is available here .

ARK Ecosystem also recently published a more technical blog post about migration. If you want more details on what is happening in the background, you can read more here .

ARKVault Changes

Beta wallet for Development Network testing is available at ARKVault Demo .

ARKVault now features a new page that can be accessed from the navbar called ‘Migration’. By clicking the migration link, users will be directed to a new migration page where you can start the migration process as well as see all of your pending and completed migrations.

Our aim was to make migration as seamless as possible and in order to achieve that we have integrated MetaMask to facilitate the Polygon side of the process. In order to start and complete migration you will have to install the MetaMask plugin if you don’t have it yet. ARKVault will guide you through the whole process and check if you have it installed or not.

By connecting to the specified wallet you wish to use for the migration, ARKVault can pre-fill all of the necessary data and ensure you avoid any errors when manually typing in your address. All you will need to do is sign the migration transaction and wait for the requisite confirmations.

During our Devnet testing phase, your migrations will complete almost instantly. During the official live migration, that timeframe will be increased to 24 hours as a precautionary measure. You will always be able to see the status of any pending migration within ARKVault and will be notified once your migration is complete.

ARKScan Changes

ARKSCan migration changes are already live on our Test explorer, which is available at Test ARKScan .

Similar to ARKVault, a new page has been added to ARKScan. The migration page in ARKScan will show all of the relevant data and statistics related to the migration process. Users will be able to access all migration transactions as well as basic data about the migration.

The current updates to ARKVault allow users to view the following migration-related information:

  • ARK Wallet Address
  • Migration Amount
  • Number of Unique Wallets Migrated (a wallet may migrate more than once)
  • Remaining “Non-Migrated” Supply
  • Number of Migration Transactions
  • Migration transaction details
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Migration Address (Polygon)

We feel that full transparency is key in any kind of decentralized network and we hope that all of the above data will make the process transparent on all sides.

Feel free to provide feedback and if you would like to see any other important information on the ARKScan page, please let us know.

New Devnet Faucet (DARK)

To make migration testing easier, we built a brand new faucet for ARK Devnet. The faucet is helpful for those willing to help test and get familiar with the migration process. The faucet will allow you to receive DARK tokens in your DARK wallet.

To obtain 10 DARK tokens visit DARK Faucet website and input your DARK address.

Next Steps

A start date for our public testing period will be announced today via Twitter . Users will be allowed to test and provide feedback on the migration process during this time. Once we are satisfied that the system works and is secure, we will move on to preparing for the official live migration.

The live migration will require an update to ARK Core which will be entering testing to coincide with the migration testing period. This core update will create a new burn address to ensure all migrated funds are effectively destroyed. More information will be released on the core update by the team at the ARK Ecosystem, SCIC.

Any relevant timeline for a live release of the migration process will depend on the scope of any issues that arise during testing. Once initiated, the migration process will be available for a period of 3 months at which point it will be closed. This is to avoid any issues with supply creep due to the ARK Networks inflationary emissions and to avoid any potential for major security issues.

We look forward to your feedback during testing!


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