1st Jul 2022
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Ardent Biweekly Update - July, 2022

Welcome to Ardent’s first biweekly update! Since Ardent’s kickoff announcement on June 6th, things have been moving fast. With a multitude of updates and enhancements across our suite of products, we forgive if you may have missed some things. We wanted to create these biweekly updates to serve as a quick recap of all the things we have been working on while preparing you for what’s to come!

The Beginning of Ardent

Ardent’s launch on June 6th was one of the largest days in the ARK Ecosystem in years. On that day, our development team launched a total of 10+ websites and 3 live applications which solidified and strengthened their connection to the ARK Ecosystem.

To learn more about Ardent and our goals, read our launch blog.

All of the applications we announced became available along with the highly anticipated Beta release of ARKLauncher.

Product Update

First and foremost, our development has been working on ensuring that the launch of the ARK Suite of products is going smoothly. We’ve been collecting usage data as well as looking towards how we can improve the user experience and what features we can add in future updates.

ARKVault saw its first update and moved to Version 1.1.0. This version saw updates relating to the user interface, as well as changes to the wallet’s import flow. For a more detailed breakdown of the changes you can check the changelog .

While ARKLauncher has officially entered Beta, our team wanted to ensure that the deployment process was tight. ARKLauncher’s Update Version 1.1.0 focused on smoother deployments and updates to the user interface. See the changelog below for the full list of changes:

ARKScan also saw a minor update and moved to Version 2.1.1 which fixed a bug concerning the dropdown menu. You can check all the changes made on the changelog .

In addition to this, we’ve made several updates to websites within the ARK ecosystem such as ARKSCIC.com , ARK.io , corresponding blogs, as well as sites for the ARK suite of products under development & maintenance at Ardent.

Rethinking our Documentation

At Ardent, we want our docs to not only have all the necessary information for developers, but we want to have our docs accessible to users of all skill levels. A lot of work has gone into the docs for the different products maintained at Ardent. You can view the documentation for our products below:

In addition to shiny new docs for each of our products, we are also in the process of adding step-by-step video tutorials to major sections of our documentation. We kicked things off with 40+ videos created for the ARKVault wallet. Here’s an example of one below:

Using our products has never been easier and we hope these concise videos will help you along your way.

Coming up Next:

Looking back, we had a pretty busy first month at Ardent. However, that doesn’t mean that we are slowing down anytime soon. In the coming weeks expect a heavily requested ARKVault feature, a complete video tutorial series on ARKLauncher, and some more surprises that we don’t want to spoil just yet.

Thank you for following our progress and to keep up to date make sure to follow us on Twitter .


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