27th Jan 2023
2 min read

Ardent Update - January 2023

Ardent’s first development and update report for the year 2023 is here. Our team is hard at work to prepare all the necessary components that will be going into ARK’s upcoming Migration. We’ll be returning to regular biweekly updates moving forward!

Preparing ARKVault for Migration

ARKVault will be getting a new page called ‘Migration’. All designs and user flows have been developed and implemented, and we are ironing out the last backend logic items for the interaction with the Polygon network. More details and an overview will be shared next week in a dedicated blog post.

Preparing ARKScan for Migration

ARKScan will also be getting a new ‘Migration’ page. All pending tasks have been completed and we are doing the final QA to make sure all of the different states of migration are properly displayed. Similar to ARKVault, we’ll share more insight into the relevant changes next week in a dedicated blog post.

New Devnet Faucet (DARK)

In preparation for migration testing, we built a brand new faucet for ARK Devnet. The faucet will be helpful for those willing to help test the migration on the Devnet and will allow you to receive DARK tokens to your DARK wallet. More on this in the blog post next week.

MSQ Updates

MSQ has received a small update to the website. We have removed the ‘Revue Newsletter’ from the website as Twitter has decided to shut it down on the 18th of January 2023. We have also made categories clickable in the articles so that users can quickly navigate to specific categories.

MSQ numbers continue their uptrend with the YouTube channel for MSQ leading the charge this month. The channel saw a 200% increase in subscribers, moving from 2.8K to 5.6K subscribers. In terms of viewership, Views are continuing to climb with MSQ’s TikTok and YouTube gathering over 5 million views in the last 28-day period.

What’s Next?

We are in the final stages of internal testing for the ‘Migration’ process and will be announcing more next week in regards to the unveiling of the Migration process for testing on the Development network. In collaboration with Protokol, our teams have completed all of the necessary smart contract development and are putting the final touches on the product updates for Migration. During the course of next week, we’ll be sharing more information so stay tuned for the upcoming blog post!


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