9th Sep 2022
3 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - September 9, 2022

Welcome to another Biweekly Update! It’s the start of a new month, September. Let’s dive straight into the latest developments brought to you by the Ardent team in the last two weeks!

New ARKVault 1.6.0 was Released

A new version of ARKVault - 1.6.0 presents users with quite a few new features and fixes. URI support has been added for voting, signing, and verifying messages. This opens up new use cases and integration options for tools, services, and products. In addition, we’ve added the “Add New Address” feature for Ledger hardware wallets. This allows users to add a new unused Ledger address to their profiles. In summary, the main changes are:

  • URI support for Voting, Signing and Verifying Messages, which opens up a lot of new use-cases and integration options for tools, services and products.

  • ‘Add New Address’ feature for Ledger Hardware Wallet users, which lets you add a new unused Ledger address to your Profile.

  • Fixed the mismatch of the balance that some users experienced between Portfolio and Wallet values.
  • Numerous other fixes and updates were implemented alongside the above updates.

For a full changelog visit ARKVault 1.6.0 Release Notes .

Updated ARKScan v2.4.0 was Released

This upgraded version includes a convenient feature, a voting button. This allows users to ‘Vote’ for a delegate by simply clicking on the ‘Vote’ button under the ‘Delegates ’ page. The ‘Vote’ button can also be found on the Address page of each delegate. ‘Vote’ feature opens ARKVault and predefines all the necessary parameters for users. The only thing users have to do is select the Wallet they wish to vote from and sign the transaction.

For a full changelog visit ARKScan 2.4.0 Release Notes .

New Features for MSQ

Have you tried out the new audio feature added to MSQ articles?

Yes, the option to listen to the article while you are brewing your morning coffee is available for all articles. Tune into MSQ, and get the latest news and coverage in NFTs, The Metaverse, and Gaming.

We also have some really interesting features coming up for MSQ that are going to give users a better idea of where the platform is heading. We look forward to sharing these features with you very soon as the development team at Ardent works to finalize them.

By now, we hope that everyone is familiar with MSQ.

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In the Future

We look forward to sharing more developments across our products in the near future. The development team is working on releasing the next slate of updates for the ARK-line of products and we cannot wait to share them with you.


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