7th Oct 2022
4 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - October 7, 2022

It’s the start of a new month, October! Let’s take a look at the developments that unfolded during the past two weeks at Ardent.

If you’ve missed any of the past updates, you can always catch up by checking out our blog!

ARKVault Upgrades to v1.8.0

ARKVault 1.8.0, a new version, has been released. This release includes improvements to the transaction export and various fixes related to network management including custom networks and ARK Devnet. The full breakdown includes:

  • Limit start date selection to the date of the first transaction of the wallet
  • Fixed a little quirk with the column settings, i.e. when deselecting all columns the export button was not properly disabled when the crypto amount column toggled last.
  • The amount of transfers and multipayments is adjusted to exclude any amount sent to the wallet itself. If only incoming transactions are being exported, transactions that now have an amount of zero are excluded. They will still be present if outgoing or all transactions are being exported.
  • Added current progress indicator of how many transactions have already been exported
  • Resets the final count when starting a new export. This way the previous count is not displayed after clicking back to start a new export with changed settings after the previous export has been fully processed.

For complete details, feel free to check the ARKVault 1.8.0 Release Notes .

Ardent Joins the Seoul Meta Week

Sook Hwang, Marketing Manager at Ardent, was present at Seoul Meta Week , which took place in Seoul, South Korea (October 3rd-7th).

With speakers from Korea and abroad, the event was sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT as well as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. She attended the Blockchain Open Forum, in which panelists and speakers discussed key issues in the blockchain industry such as regulation and policies as well as changes in the landscapes within DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse.

While attending, she connected with projects working on NFTs as well as TOKENPOST, Korea’s premiere blockchain media outlet and the co-organizer of the event.

MSQ Receives Updates Ahead of a Major Feature Release

While we are working towards a major release in the coming weeks for MSQ , the team at Ardent has been hard at work preparing the platform and optimizing it. This release mainly focused on fixes for issues that were noticed since the last release. This ranges from small adjustments such as padding fixes and design element alignments to quality-of-life improvements such as allowing sliders to be used by buttons and dragging on a desktop (before you could only use it with buttons) and improvements to the video/image galleries. This release also includes audio statistics, which allows our marketing team to see how many people listened to a given audio article as well as redesigned statistics page.

On the social media front, we are seeing growth across all of our channels. The MSQ YouTube channel surpassed 300K Views and the MSQ TikTok received over 1.1 million views within the last 60 days. This is not only good for the brand but also for partners who are starting to sponsor MSQ. Last week, two WL giveaways were shared on Twitter and more giveaways are on the way! Be sure to give us a follow.

If you are a founder or a project manager of a project building in the metaverse, NFTs, and gaming, feel free to DM us on Twitter or reach us by writing to [email protected] to get a word out through MSQ and social media channels.

Up Next for Ardent

In the next weeks, we are looking forward to announcing a major feature release for MSQ. In addition, the team is hard at work preparing Ardent products for ARK’s new consensus engine, Bearmint. This includes preparing the products to integrate with the new features that Bearmint brings while also assisting during an internal testing period coordinated by BaseCode.


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