4th Nov 2022
2 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - November 4, 2022

It’s the start of a new month, November! Only two months are left of 2022 and the Ardent Team has been building throughout! Let’s take a look at what we have been working on over the last two weeks.

New Categories Have Been Added to MSQ!

Last two weeks, our team has been working to bring a more convenient UI and UX to MSQ. MSQ contents have been divided into three main categories: News, Videos, and Shorts. You can now enjoy even more content from MSQ without leaving the website.


All of the News is now easily accessible from the navbar. Users can then easily filter the content they want to see by using the ‘Category’ filter and the ‘Sort By’ feature.


A new ‘Videos’ page has been developed that will list all long-format MSQ videos. Each video article acts in a similar way as regular articles and you will soon be able to comment on them directly on-site with your account.


The shorts page now lists all of the shorts that are made by the MSQ team. By using our new Shorts page you can easily view all of them in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

What is the difference between the Video category and Shorts you may ask? Videos are long forms and last longer than 60 seconds. Shorts are in vertical forms and are made to give a quick preview or attention to a certain topic.

First MSQ Space Talk

Last week, MSQ hosted its first Space talk with the founder and the artist of Mimic Shhans . One Mimic Shhans NFT was given away at the end of the talk!

We intend to host more interviews and talks on Spaces throughout the year. Be sure to keep the notifications on for MSQ Twitter to keep up with notifications on future events as well as our community Discord .


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