18th Nov 2022
2 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - November 18, 2022

It’s been a wild week in the general blockchain industry, however, the sentiment around Ardent has been strong. Our team is continuing to push our products and solidify our presence in the industry. Let’s take a look at what Ardent has been building.

ARKVault v1.10.0 gets Released

A new version of ARKVault (v1.10.0) has been released. This release fixes some reported multisignature issues, a general dependency update, and a migration from the Jest testing framework to Vitest.

The new updates also include the following:

  • Fix for incorrect multi-signature transfer transaction expirations
  • ARK Vault users have reported the issue that arises in which transfers for multi-signature wallets would expire faster than the expected 24 hours. This issue has been resolved to ensure transfers also adhere to the 24-hour standard other multi-signature transactions follow.
  • Solution for pending multi-signatures “disappearing” from the wallet’s UI when awaiting signatures.
  • Repair for an issue affecting the multi-signature “Participants” field that showed an error related to a user not being able to select or add participants.
  • General dependency updates to make sure the wallet is staying up-to-date with the latest security fixes and improvements. More dependency updates are in the works.
  • The wallet’s testing framework has been migrated over from Jest to Vitest to ensure that we can upgrade to a newer version of Node.js that was blocked by a known limitation in the Jest test suite. The Node.js upgrade is planned for an upcoming release.

For complete details, feel free to check the ARKVault v1.10.0 Release Notes .

More Eyes on MSQ!

MSQ TikTok has received more than 3 million views over the last 28 days! Let that sink in! With over 15.8k followers, you can experience and get a grasp of the latest and coolest VR and AI technology as well as games!

While we’ve been gaining more and more exposure, we also thought it to be important to keep solidifying our connections with partners who have supported MSQ since its inception. You can expect more partner-focused content coming out in the next few weeks which will expose and onboard their respective communities into MSQ.

Coming up Next

In the following weeks, we will have some great updates to MSQ as well as scoping out further updates for the ARK line of products. Stay tuned to our social channels on Twitter and keep an eye out for more exciting announcements.


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