15th Jul 2022
3 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - July 15, 2022

Welcome to another edition of the Ardent Biweekly Update. This update follows our major updates and news through the first two weeks of July and it marks Ardent’s first month since our official launch. If you’ve missed any of the past updates, you can always catch up by checking out our blog. That being said let’s get into the update!

ARKVault Now Supports Transaction Export

Recently, we released ARKVault version 1.2.0 which allows user to export their transaction history. This feature was highly requested by the ARK community.

Checking and exporting your transaction history is very simple. Just head to your wallet and click on transaction history.

From there the Transaction History modal will pop up and you can choose what information you would like to be displayed on the CSV file.

After you are satisfied with your choices, you can go ahead and click on the export button and your CSV file will be ready for download!

While we have other features planned for ARKVault, we wanted to make sure to include the Transaction Export feature as soon as possible for our userbase.

MSQ Returns

It’s been a year since the launch of the MarketSquare Beta. In that time, we’ve made a lot of new friends, acquired thousands of users, and learned a lot about what y’all want out of the platform. Equipped with your feedback and our lessons learned, the team at Ardent is proud to officially unveil MSQ.io , MarketSquare re-imagined!

Read more about the launch of MSQ.

MSQ is the natural evolution of MarketSquare. When we built MarketSquare, we set out with the goal of helping new and emerging projects get discovered. While we have seen some success, it has become much clearer to us what works, what doesn’t, and where we need to focus our energy in order for MarketSquare to take the next step.

MSQ doubles down on the components of MarketSquare that really resonated with our audience (that’s you). That means more content, more videos, and a larger focus on helping you stay on top of all of the action. It also means we will be narrowing our view to really hammer the parts of the industry that people care about. Expect to see NFTs, Gaming, and the Metaverse as key areas moving forward.

Make sure to join the fun by following MSQ on Twitter , Discord , TikTok and YouTube .


DYGYCON is a virtual conference that features different projects from NFTs, Gaming, and the Metaverse. Ardent is excited to be attending the event and showcasing MSQ to a larger audience.

The event will be taking place on Saturday, July 16th from 2PM - 5PM EST / 6PM - 9PM UTC. Stop by the MSQ booth to meet the team, learn more about MSQ, and maybe even get a free NFT.

Register and Attend DYGYCON 10 by going over to the official site .

Ray Alvarez will also be giving a talk showcasing MSQ called “Growing your Brand in NFTs & The Metaverse” at 3:30PM EST / 7:30PM UTC.

Coming Up Next

We have a lot of updates coming up for our product line as well as some extra enhancement to our docs. The development team at Ardent has been putting in a lot of work and our new agile approach has been resulting in quicker updates and shorter development cycles. The team is really finding its stride.

Thank you for following our progress and to keep up to date make sure to follow us on Twitter .


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