2nd Dec 2022
2 min read

Ardent Biweekly Update - December 2, 2022

Another two weeks have come and gone here at Ardent. We are excited to show you the progress we’ve made since our last update so let’s dive right in!

ARKVault v1.11.0 Released

A new version of ARKVault has been released. In our latest release, we have removed the “News” feature from the app, as it relied on data from FTX (Blockfolio).

We have also improved the UX by moving two more frequently accessed features to the navigation bar for quicker access - “Votes” and “Contacts”. Previously these were listed in the user dropdown menu.

For the complete details, feel free to check the ARKVault v1.11.0 Release Notes .

MSQ Now Features a Commenting System

MSQ has integrated a custom commenting solution, available on all articles on MSQ. You can connect with your web3 address using MetaMask and leave comments on every available article on MSQ.

Users can reply to one another for positive discussions and engagement. If you notice that a comment does not add to a discussion, it can be downvoted to signal that, or it if breaks the rules it can be reported and removed by moderators.

MSQ Socials Continue to Gain Traction

Over the last few weeks, MSQ content has been reaching wider audiences. Our short-form content on TikTok has received 4 million views over the past month and resulted in over 40,000 profile visits to MSQ.io.

On the YouTube front, the channel is averaging 100,000 views per 48 hours at the moment as well.

We are continuing to find ways to convert views into followers for the MSQ brand and in addition to the new features on the site, we are starting to see that MSQ can compete with any content site out there.

Looking Ahead

We have some exciting updates coming out in the next few months and we can’t wait to shed some light on how we are going to be improving some of our favorite products. Stay tuned!


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